Lactic Acid Build-Up of the Ears

My dear friend Katie, mother of seven, uses this phrase sometimes and I love it! As a wife, mother of nine, mother-in-law to one, and Mamie to two grand babies and lover of our six month old Goldendoodle, I have adopted it and stamped it on my forehead somedays. ” I have lactic acid build-up of the ears!” Yes, the exclamation point is there so you can imagine me screaming this declaration to you.

Lactic acid builds up when our bodies, in this case, I like to envision-our ears, perform strenuous activities or exercises. If you read about true lactic acid build-up, it is a much more complicated process then I have described. And who knows if your ears really can get lactic acid build-up? But I do know if you cultivate a household like ours where children are heard as well as seen, boy oh boy, can your ears feel overworked at the end of the day.

I am okay with giving them a good workout. I get to hear precious secrets, grand Lego building plans, secret spy missions being carried out, sad heartbreaks over ” the baby whale dying in the movie”, favorite colors, the tenth best-most-favorite doll, sweet prayers, hopes and dreams. And yes, I also get to hear the squabbles, the squeals, the angst. But it’s okay, I also get to put on a few more hats in my day by listening- referee, daughter, counselor, friend, sister,nurse, neighbor, teacher, Master Spy Extraordinaire to name a few, in addition ,of course, to my favorites-wife and mother.

So as I sit here cherishing only the sound of the dog chewing on a toy, the air condition turning on, the refrigerator humming while most of the little people that give my ears a work-out are at the pool, I recharge and smile. Gearing up for the rest of the day ahead, knowing silence can be refreshing, but oh, my ear muscles having their daily strenuous activity ,ultimately helps me see the beauty of the life I am living.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    Love the story.

  2. talia bogoniewski says:

    I must be burning that lactic acid. Same phenomenon going on in my drums with five boys (and two girls who are slightly quieter but still hold their own). Great blog!!

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