Momma I have good words to say

I was running a few morning errands- picking Caleb up from tennis, taking Lilly to work and stopping by the bank. Lydia spent most of our drive trying to decide if she was really ready to wake up and greet the day. We were almost home and I heard this sweet, small voice say, ” Momma, I have good words to say.”She proceeded to inform me she had found Hello Kitty’s dad. Honestly I was not completely sure what exactly this meant, except that it involved her new squinkie toys and brought her joy.

My heart of course immediately melted at her precious phrasing of her good fortune and then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I thought of news I had to share as “good words”. I mean what if I viewed slicing the watermelon not as a chore, but found the “good words” in not only each slice my knife created, but the vision of happy faces with dripping watermelon juice smiles. What if the hunt for missing keys, purses, important papers brought thoughts of “good words” upon finally being found instead of exasperated relief, frustrated words and inappropriate #%%# exclamations!

I want my days and my life to be filled with my own “good words” as well as the conversations of the people I am surrounded by in life. So for today, at this moment, I share I have beautiful grandbabies and though I can’t touch them as they are far away, I get to see and talk to them often through modern technology. I cut a watermelon that brought big juicy grins all around. I have a healthy body and working van to run my errands. I have progressive lenses to give me clear vision and write this post. I can hear the hum of the neighbors’ lawn mower and be grateful I have a husband who is able and willing to mow our rain-soaked tall growing grass later. Yes, I like having”good words” for the most simple and mundane tasks in my beautiful day ahead.

What are the ” good words” you are using today?


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  1. Phyllis says:

    What lovely advice.

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