Sing, sing a song

There are just some days I can’t bring myself to do anything but sing, the kind of day when you want to crawl back in bed, hang out the “Do Not Disturb” shingle on the front door, well, actually on the bedroom door. But then I realize, succumbing to that feeling isn’t really living. And life is definitely for living.

Some days when I am feeling overwhelmed or just like my brain is on overdrive with the to-do list and other concerns of life here on earth, I sing. For one, it really is hard to hear yourself think when you are drowning your sorrows in song.

There is something liberating about singing. It must release natural endorphins or something. Try it. But don’t just try it at home – go big. Okay, start at home around the family. Then start singing in the car, in your cubicle at work, in the grocery store, in line at the movies, in the doctor’s office, in a public restroom while washing your hands. Okay, you’re a little nervous? Just hum to begin.

It is amazing to watch people’s reactions – from smiles, bewildered looks (at this point, it only eggs me on) to yes joyfully joining in your now no-longer-private songfest. I mean, we need only pull up YouTube and see all of the flash mob videos all over the world to know we all really dig it – the singing together.

Some days, I just envision life like the old Coke commercials where a group of people are singing together- teaching the world to sing.

Check out this video on YouTube:

And then, twenty years later…

Check out this video on YouTube:

One of my all-time favorite memories is at Sesame Place, the amusement park. Several years back my mom and I took Phoebe, Joshua and Caleb for a visit. We were sitting waiting for one of the shows to begin and one of the characters came out to entertain the audience. We started singing. When my eyes met my mother’s eyes, we both had tears brimming over our lashes. The singing was everywhere, through all the generations , arms locked and swaying together and we were united by memories and that song. Sing, sing a song…

Check out this video on YouTube

I know you are singing with me now or at the very least humming in your head. So the next time you are feeling a little low or even when you are happy, start singing and before you know it, you won’t be singing alone.

As a funny aside, I was taking a shower and chatting with my husband as he stood in the bathroom. As I told him about this post, he replied ” You mean you took a video of yourself singing in the shower and you are posting it?” I am not sure which tickled my funny bone more, envisioning me actually making a video of myself singing in the shower or the fact that he actually thought for a moment, I would make a video singing in the shower and post it!

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  1. millie says:

    Love it!!! my fave is when I am out in the world (grocery store or gas station whatever, and I am singing and complete strangers start singing with me LOL

    1. Millie,
      I just knew you had to be a sing out loud kind of gal! Love it!

  2. Phyllis says:

    I love singing good memories of singing carols on the train in new york

    1. Good times! Yes singing on the train is a wonderful singing memory too!

  3. Michelle says:

    Consider yourself blessed to have a voice that lends itself to joining along….mine sends people running for cover. I’m ok with that….singing is not my gift. That doesn’t mean that I don’t do it, but it does mean it doesn’t leave my house or van.
    Oh….my poor kids!

    1. Michelle,
      I can carry a tune but not going to stop any shows singing, but I love hearing someone sing whether they can carry a tune or not, usually the look of joy on their face overrides my hearing senses and my seeing sense takes over! 🙂

  4. Katie Walcott says:

    Reminds me of the movie Elf!

    1. Love the movie Elf!

  5. Linda says:

    I am practicing so when I see you again I can join you in your latest song! Sing on!!!!

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