With Hurt Comes Hope

Even if you never turn on the news, which I hardly ever do, one need only go on Facebook and see the multitude of posts about the latest tragedy in our country, the bombings during the Boston Marathon. I think it’s the vicious attacks targeted at groups of people in public places that unhinge us all – the atrocities and crimes that are not random; they are calculated-directed.

Typically, someone else shares a local, national or world event with me and from there I cautiously and selectively choose what online news source I will view to gain information. Go ahead and think me a coward; it is what works for my mind. I really don’t need an onslaught of images and sensationalism to wrap my brain around a horrific event. I don’t feel I care any less; if anything it helps me to pray more. Rather than get enmeshed in the graphic details and my own despair over the situation and the perversion in this world, I choose to concentrate on how I can help- the Hope in the situation.

Personal tragedies happen every moment around this world of ours and they
might likely happen to you and me. As a person of faith, I know there will be times of suffering and trials. My days, my life would be so empty, so meaningless and always random if I didn’t cling to not only the knowledge of hope, but that there is help!

I saw a post on FB that had a story by Mr. Rogers, the beloved children’s television show actor. He was sharing how as a young boy when he would see or hear of tragic events, his mother comforted him by pointing out the helpers. She helped him change his focus by looking at the positive, looking for help and hope.

People are hurting, grieving and processing tragedy all around us, not just the bombings of yesterday, but the daily calamities of illness, violence, abuses and death. We have a choice. We can do something. Maybe it is a kind word, a card to a stranger, faithful prayers, a random act of kindness or a deliberate, calculated gesture to aid and attempt to bring a soothing balm to a hurting heart. No matter how desperate the situation, as we breathe each breath, hope is alive.

“You dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4


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  1. Katie Walcott says:

    Pray without ceasing. Not necessarily for circumstances to change, for I know we live in a fallen world, but for our attitudes and our responses to be positive, encouraging, and life-changing!

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for pointing me towards your post.

    1. Thank you Katie! I enjoyed your post as well!

  3. John says:

    Well written

    1. Thank you!

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