Yesterday afternoon I was at Whole Foods with six of my children. I was feeling very sleepy and extremely relaxed. I had spent a little time earlier in the afternoon practicing some relaxation techniques I had recently learned.

We had finished our shopping and we were walking out of the store when my children exclaimed in unison, “Mom!”

I dazedly replied, “What?”

Phoebe informed me, “You said that out loud!”

In an instant, I realized what I had just done. The cashier had seen two of her friends, Tambien and Cathy and had called out to them. While I have no idea why I repeated her greeting and was really not fully cognizant until my mockery was complete, the following is true:

While the cashier’s greeting was friendly and casual, I apparently had, in a loud and very sultry, accented voice, said, “Tambien, come here and let me touch you!” To complete my parroting faux pas, I added for good measure a saucy shoulder roll and jiggle and sway of my hips.

And yes, according to my children, heads did turn. We laughed the whole way home.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Katie Walcott says:

    Oh my gosh, Jamie!!! Lol!!!

  2. Linda says:

    So funny!!!! Love it!

  3. says:

    Well, if they didn’t remember you before, they will now! I’d like to learn those relaxation techniques, but maybe modified with a thought-to-giving-voice filter! Just too funny!

    1. Yes I need the voice filter in relaxing for sure. It was too funny!

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