And the winner is…

My family had a wonderful time eating through our one pound box of candy last night. We felt it was very important to test all the submissions on how to find out the flavor in the middle of a delicious chocolate.

We enjoyed reading all of the entries and several gave us a chuckle. Since this is a contest, we did need to pick a winner.

The winner is….drum roll please,

Heather J

Her entry:
As an adult, I pop a toothpick into the underside of the chocolate bonbon ~ that way NOBODY knows I cheated, and I can even get away with offering them to unsuspecting friends. Gross ) However, when I was young I used to take a “small” bite ~ which constituted at least 1/3 of the thing ~ and then put the leftovers back in the box if it was undesirable. Coming from a family of 7 people, we used to see what the teeth marks looked like to see who the offender was. That way we would know if we wanted to take the germophobic risk of eating after so-n-so. LOL!

So Heather, please contact me through the contact Jamie section of my blog. Send me your contact info, first and last name and address, and I will send your yummy box of candy to you!

Thanks everyone for reading and a special thank you to the contest participants!

Look for an all new contest on my blog coming in a few weeks. 🙂

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  1. Denise says:

    As disappointed as I am to lose out on a box of chocolate, I must admit Heather’s post was my favorite too. I love the part about figuring out who took a bite by deciphering their teeth marks!

  2. Linda says:

    Me too! Congratulations Heather!!!!

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